Meet My Friends and My Favorite Recording Artists
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The gang a few years ago, minus the baby who looks just like her Mama to the right in pink.

Colleen at age 4, with her younger sister. Colleen's youngest daughter is her twin and she loves to sing!

My Best Friend-Mary

Colleen's Mama with Bill Anderson a few years back

Colleen's oldest daughter Kristiana, she wants to be a veternarian and an actress when she grows up.

Valerie Lynn, ever wondered how an Angel would sound singing?

You could fall in love with Victoria-Recording Artist

Joey Pearson with Jenny Jones

Breanne with a voice like Martina's


Victoria & Colleen Canada Trip

Victoria's Parents-John & Viga-one of my best buddies

Vic's Gram-sweet lady

Vic and Me karoke Canada Cheers