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Currently in progress, a beautiful Christian country story song, pop/country crossover and a wonderful upbeat.

A Few Reviews
Reviews by Keith Mascarenhas-Entertainment Critic

1. "I Give You My Heart"-
This is one hell of an excellent COMMERCIAL ballad
and judging by what I'm listening to, I feel that this song has what it
takes to become a MONSTER hit:
It's got a nice chorus which is simple enough for people will sing to -
I Give You My Heart, take it if you can/I give you my soul, and all that
I am/ Will you be true in all that you do?/I Give You My Heart, it's in
your hands.
The rest of the song is equally beautifully written and neatly balances
sentimental lyrics with sentences which are simple to remember though
fairly elaborate (i.e., each line is made up of more than four words)
this gives it a somewhat sophisticated feel though makes it simple to
remember - a must for any huge hit, as people love "playing back" their
favorite songs in their minds!
As far as the theme is concerned, it's a simple straightforward "I Love
You" theme which may fall short in some critics books (especially since
it's a ballad and there are so many of those around), but there's no
denying that this song has enormous hit potential thanks to its simple
and straightforward theme!
I love the melody - its simple though strong, but it's biggest plus is
that it's easy to remember.
However, one piece of advice, in order for
this song to maximize it's hit potential, it's imperative that the song
be given a "POP" ( or at least a crossover ) feel !! It would sound
GREAT as a COUNTRY song, and it would sound AS GREAT as a pop song, but
remember that POP is more accessible worldwide and many more
individuals would play it if it was a pop song, thus significantly
boosting it's airplay ( to give you an example, Faith Hill's "Let Me Let
Go" was a brilliant song, it was just not heard worldwide 'cause it was
a Country song, if it had been a Pop song, it would have been as huge
as "Up Where We Belong" or "I Had The Time Of My Life" - sad, but that's
life !!! )
I'd give this an 8.75 on 10.

2) "Forgotten Lullabies" -
Okay, this one's brilliantly sad and moody!
Also, good ole Jules does a brilliant, near definitive job of the vocals
- Don't tell anyone this, but it nearly early choked me up as I listened
to it. I had to literally blink to hold back tears!
This story song simply stands out in the Country story-song genre thanks
to it's almost Folky depth. I was deeply touched by the story of the old
woman, locked up in a home thinking about her son who has no time for
her until it's too late .... this is more of a critics song ( i.e.,
we'll lap this one up, that's certain ) than a commercial one, for the
simple reason that it's theme is way too deep for top 10 Country radio
- having said that, I must say that only certain singers can sing this
song and give it all the heart it requires!
Even then, there's only one singer who may, just may, be able to have a
hit with it - Kathy Mattea, simply because she's done songs like this
check out her song "Where've You Been", written by her husband, Jon
Venzer. It's about an elderly couple growing old and finally dying
together .... that's not the type of song that everyone can turn into a
My verdict - I LOVE IT !!! This one gets a 10 on 10 from me

3) "Mistletoe From Heaven" -
When I clicked on the link to add this, I thought that i would be a light,
modern Christmas Carol, but it's anything but that!
Jules again does a OUTSTANDING job of the vocals. I
was surprised at it's depth ... in some ways, the theme vaguely
resembles Martina McBride's "Independence Day", in that's it's told from
a child's viewpoint, though the story told is not as brutal as the one
told in "Independence Day". Again, this song has away too much depth for
a Christmas Carol or a seasonal song! So this would rule out it's hit
potential, but, on the other hand, what this song has going for it is
depth, which would surely please any critic. For example, I love it's
detail and discriptiveness in the first verse, can actually picture
what's going on - "Boxes lined our hallway/that cold December day/I held
my brother Tommy, as tears rolled down his face/He said, I'll be good I
promise/Daddy gave him one last kiss/Silently we stood and waved/as
Daddy drove away".There's no chorus for example which is very, very
rare, especially in a slower song, but it's depth and it's detail had me
amazed - this is one that might not produce a hit, but is a must in the
discography of an artist who wants to be taken seriously!!
My verdict : 9.5 out of 10